To Protect is to prevent. A Hixson Home Story

Just the recently there was an inspection taken place at a home in Hixson that was completely covered with a base layer of leaves that had been sitting on the roof (for what looked like years). Sure enough, when I finally got into the attic area, I made sure to get directly under that spot in the attic and found terrible water damage. A regrettable but totally preventable problem if the proper precautions were taken.

Every day homes are left debilitated around Chattanooga that could have been counteracted if homeowners took the proper care of the homes. Following home maintenance schedules can save your home from thousands of dollars in repairs and damages. It’s worth the time it takes to rake your roof. 


It’s Time To Clean Your Leaves!!

If you haven’t already cleaned your leaves, then let this reminder be your push to get it done. Cleaning your leaves from around your property may be much more important than you really know.

First thing’s First, Clean Your Roof.

Cleaning any and all debris from your roof can be the difference between a leaking roof and dry one. Chattanooga has had an extremely wet period of unpredictable weather where roof systems have begun leaking when they really shouldn’t be. With such unpredictable weather, it’s important that you minimize as much risk as possible.

Debris that stays on your roof can collect a lot of extra moisture. So much moisture that it will degrade your shingle at a rate faster than being exposed to direct sunlight 24 hours a day. Damage will lead to ponding, splitting and leaking.

Nobody likes lawn diseases

You may decide that cleaning the leaves off of your lawn can wait for a later date. It’s not worth it do it right now, the grass isn’t even growing any more. Let me tell you it’s a common thought but a really bad move. Take a quick google search down fungal, moldy, diseased lawns some time. You will see why taking care of your leaves now is the better solution.

To correctly eradicate some lawn diseases can cost thousands of additional dollars. Otherwise, you will get issues year after year. So get out the rake, collect some bags and fill em up. Just don’t forget to call Chattanooga City using 311 or the 311 App for Chattanooga clean up and pick up. They service Most of Red Bank, Hixson, East Brainerd, and other surround areas. Put your leaf bags out the front and they will pick them up pronto. Easy as that!

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