Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

When did you last check your home?

Ask yourself when was the last time you thoroughly scoured your crawlspace or attic?

After you purchase a home it is easy to forget to do yearly maintenance check ups on your home. Sometimes things are noticeable to you, the home owner, as you live your normal life but there are always things that can go wrong in a home that you don’t see happening. Their is a reason that plumbers often get calls in the middle of the night because of water flooding in a home that could have been preventable with an annual home maintenance inspection. In Chattanooga Tennessee it is ideal conditions for crawlspace moisture intrusion to cause settlement cracks because of the clay soil that is around our city.

Understanding how to do an annual inspection is imperative to extend the lifespan of your home and for many people hiring a professional home inspector is the perfect way to stay aware of your home and the upkeep it needs.

When you purchase an Annual Home Inspection from Potts Home Inspections we analyze all of the systems of your home that we typically do during a Home Buyers Inspection when you are purchasing a home. That means we cover any concerns or specific systems you’re concerned about as well as your homes:

  • lawn grading & appropriate drainage
  • exterior walkways & all driveways
  • plumbing system
  • electrical system
  • the roof system, including all chimney’s and all other roof penetrations
  • gutters & downspouts
  • garage doors including safety sensors, and automatic openers
  • exterior siding & cladding
  • decks, stoops, porches & railings
  • windows & doors
  • attic, insulation & appropriate ventilation
  • the HVAC system including visible ductwork
  • fireplace damper door & hearthceilings, floors & walls
  • basement, foundation & crawlspace

Taking the time to do an Annual Home Maintenance Inspection can save you thousands in the case that any of your systems fail without you knowing so. In the unfortunate case that you do have a failing system, an annual inspection can find the failure before it has time to do any permanent danger, saving you thousands in repair bills.

Potts Home Inspections Annual Home Maintenance Program

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