Pre-Listing Inspection

Before you sell your house their are a number of things that you want to take care of before you let people see your property. Understand that though this is your loved-in home, people will be viewing it for the first time with critical eyes. Sometimes you can overlook things that you take for granted. Here are six simple things to do before you list your house:

1. Clean up and declutter your personal items

By cleaning up your personal items, it leaves buyers the opportunity to see what could be done around a space. Not to mention if a Home Inspector comes through they are not allowed to move your personal items.

2. Paint any faded walls maybe cover over that bring pink bedroom wall

Touch up paint is always needed around a house. Painting walls to neutral colors can go a long way to remove distraction for potential buyers. 

3. Add some greenery or landscaping

Most houses could do with a bit of landscaping. Adding (or removing) some shrubs or trees could go a long way to selling your property. Somtimes simply weeding or hedge trimming can raise the level of curb appeal.

4. Hide your personal expensive items

If you are showing your house to potential buyers you should always remove your personal items. You don’t want that Ming Vase or fine china out on a stand if a careless potential is walking around. 

5. Have a Professional Home Inspection done

Many sellers overlook having someone come in to do a thorough investigation of their property before they sell. Only to be confused and surprised when a buyers Home Inspection notices a plethora of issues that require dealing with to get the job done. By doing an inspection before you list your house you can remedy any potential issues that might arise causing significant price reduction during negotiations. 

6. Find a great Realtor 

Finding the right realtor can be the difference in making and saving thousands of dollars. Be sure to ask around and find a Realtor that understands your needs and is willing to fight for your goals. 

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